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Our team has put together a variety of free standing center designs ranging from 5,000 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft.  In today’s economy, health we understand the value of knowing how to design a center that will satisfy your budget, without sacrificing quality.


With the advent of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), many centers are beginning to switch their focus to providing IMRT solutions to their patients.  In many cases, vault additions are a good method to allow you to provide this service.  We understand the intricacies of IMRT shielding, specifically the increased amount of neutrons that are generated.


When it is not feasible to construct a new vault, renovating and/or re-shielding your existing vault can be a viable alternative.  We have performed a great deal of vault renovations & re-shielding work throughout our history.  More and more of our customers are replacing antiquated accelerators and upgrading to dual-energy IMRT accelerators.


With the ever growing methods of cancer treatment becoming available to Oncologists to fight the war against cancer, the demand for HDR rooms has been steadily increasing.  We can meet your needs when it comes to constructing HDR / Brachytherapy Suites.  


We would like to have a few minutes of your time to tell you of the benefits of the direct-shield linear accelerator room.  As you can see in the figures to the right, the direct-shield vault saves almost 200 square feet of floor space and 800 cubic feet of volume.  Eliminating this space reduces construction cost and future energy cost for heating, cooling and lighting.

While the direct-shield door may add a few thousand dollars to the upfront cost, this cost will be returned in no more than three to four years by treating more patients per day, paying less in overtime and lower energy bills.  This Return On Investment (ROI) is even more immediate if the space that you are saving is leased.

Another benefit of a direct-shield vault is the closest contact the radiation therapist has with the patient.  Because the therapist has fewer steps to walk between setups, the patient spends less time on the treatment couch during non-treatment times.  While this saves only a few minutes for each patient, it can add up to over an hour during the course of a day.  This can be an hour to treat additional patients or an hour less overtime paid to employees.

In today’s radiation treatment industry, the delivery of the treatment is being streamlined with products like the multi-leaf collimator.  The direct-shield treatment room fits perfectly with clinical and technological advances for increasing patient throughput and helping a cancer treatment department reach its full potential.


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